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Magnox Decommissioning

Cost Model

Magnox Ltd is the management and operations contractor responsible for decommissioning 10 nuclear power plant sites throughout the UK. Due to the majority of these sites transitioning to a care and maintenance stage, the UK Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA) required an ability to benchmark cost across the Magnox complex. Cost benchmarking is particularly useful when considering additional reactor decommissioning strategies and approaches. Scenarios can be planned and prepared, and model output can be used to prioritize site closures.

To assist the NDA, PT&C developed a cost model that incorporates the NDA’s decommissioning strategy, Magnox baseline values, and independent estimates, and executes cost simulation through the use of questionnaires and key input parameters. A menu-driven tool that provides benchmark cost data to support the NDA’s decommissioning program, the cost model delivers a standardized work breakdown structure (WBS) compatible with the NDA’s program WBS. It reflects the associated costs, schedule, risks, assumptions, and opportunities surrounding decommissioning. The model’s flexibility enables the NDA to utilize model outputs for pre-solicitation planning, throughout competition, and post-award to evaluate contractor performance.


PT&C’s decommissioning cost model allows the NDA to maximize benefits for their contracting strategy and site license contractor performance.

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