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Air Force Civil Engineer Center

Cost Assessments

The Air Force Civil Engineer Center (AFCEC) Facility Engineering Directorate recognized that its project cost estimates were typically and significantly below actual construction bids. AFCEC engaged PT&C to help determine the root cause of the discrepancies and to develop a plan for improving cost estimates at all design phases.

PT&C performed on-site interviews with the project managers of six sample projects to learn more about how each estimate evolved. AFCEC provided project documentation, including programmed amount, design cost estimates, and final bid price. PT&C reviewed AFCEC internal policies and procedures that govern estimate development and budgeting, as well as Unified Facilities Criteria and industry procedures, to find opportunities to improve estimate development.

PT&C delivered a report and briefing to AFCEC leadership that summarized AFCEC cost estimating capabilities and outlined observations, recommendations and corrective actions. The effort concluded with the delivery of a Recommended Priority Action Work Plan that focused on improvements in estimating ability, collection of and access to historical data, and application of risk and contingency.

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